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Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an approach to supporting students to be successful in schools. PBIS was developed from research in the fields of behavior theory and effective instruction. PBIS supports all students through intervention ranging from a school-wide system to a system for developing individualized plans for specific students. School-wide PBIS focuses on the development and implementation of proactive procedures and practices to prevent problem behavior for all students and improve school climate.

HES Vision

Increase student achievement through collaboration, discussion, and teaching based on student data and performance.

PBIS Vision

Foster and promote a safe, positive, and respectful environment in which all students are able to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.  We will provide this through:

  • A social/emotional learning culture supported by curriculum, equitable practice, and restorative practices

  • Develop clearly defined and consistent expectations (Responsible, Respectful, Safe)

  • Use data to evaluate and refine practices and approaches

Who's on the PBIS team?

The PBIS team is representative of the entire school staff across grade levels, classified staff, Special Education staff, etc. Having a representative team will improve communication and feedback about PBIS programs in the school and should also improve involvement and buy-in throughout the school. 

  • Hold PBIS meetings on-site once per month to plan and coordinate school-wide behavior systems. The team is responsible for planning PBIS activities and programs (such as PBIS Kick-Off, acknowledgment assemblies, and booster lessons of school rules) and continually monitoring and updating PBS programs.

  • Attending district-wide meetings and training to promote the continuing development and maintenance of PBIS programs at our school.

  • Present PBIS news at staff meetings to keep staff up to date with school PBIS programs and receive input and feedback from staff.

group of teachers and staff sitting in front of a Be Safe, Be Kind Poster

The current PBIS team consists of the following members:

Brian Blase, Brittany Block, Kaitlin Bowswer, Cait Clark, Julia Cin, Allie Daubert, Alex DeCicco, Jena Funck, Cara Garner, Anna Gawel, Denise Grudi, Katie Hatchell, Anna Heck, Heather Hoke, Pam Keene, David Lillenstein, Lauren Lucas, Natalie Lynch, Dave Olson, Crystal Paukovitch, Jason Pedersen, Brianna Pogue, Kelly Sherretts, Kelci Siminitus, Heidi Stine, Amanda Valentine,  & Karen Westervelt