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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The Derry Township School District libraries are dynamic, safe environments that enhance academic and personal learning opportunities by empowering students to become independent researchers, designers, and creators engaged in real-world applications of their knowledge.

Derry Township Libraries Belief Statements

We believe that

  • Schools with a strong library program and a certified librarian ensure that students have the best chance to succeed in a connected global community.

  • Effective library programs provide a balance between supporting curriculum and offering innovative and exploratory learning opportunities for students.

  • Libraries build and strengthen connections with our students, staff and community.

  • Libraries should be risk-free, comfortable spaces where students are invited to pursue their academic and personal interests through inquiry-based experiences.

  • A library has fluid boundaries, both physical and virtual, that provide an environment that addresses diverse needs and ensures equitable access.

  • Librarians lead beyond the library to help colleagues implement standards and new ideas.

  • Teachers who partner with librarians create co-teaching experiences that help develop and reinforce essential literacy skills.

  • Students who are given equitable access to books develop reading fluency and higher literacy levels that help them transform into competent, confident and motivated readers.

  • Technology-rich libraries optimize and equalize the chance for student learning.

  • Students need the skills, dispositions, responsibilities and strategies to find problems, to determine information needs and to locate, access, evaluate, utilize and present information effectively in our information-rich society.

  • Being an ethical user and producer of ideas and information is essential.

  • In addition to enhancing literacy and instilling a passion for literature, libraries are critical to the sustainability and digital transformation of learning.